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Dr Peter M Roessler


A consultation with an obstetrician or gynaecologist can be a daunting experience for any woman. This is equally true for a woman at all stages of her reproductive life, whether having her first child, an abnormal smear test, contemplating hysterectomy, or faced with approaching menopause.

Not only do you need a diagnosis and advice, you should also expect effective explanation about the treatments available from a consultant, with empathy as well as expertise.

Dr Peter Roessler

Dr Peter Roessler has a widely acknowledged reputation to achieve these goals. In addition to his interest in obstetrics, he also specialises in colposcopy and all facets of general gynaecology. His surgical experience covers all general gynaecological surgery, both abdominal, vaginal, and minimally invasive "keyhole" surgery, as well as other non-surgical treatments.

Peter was born and bred in country Queensland and he certainly never had any intention of becoming a farmer, but has always wanted to end up in a provincial location. 

During his University studies he joined the Royal Australian Army as an Undergraduate Medical Officer and after completing his Internship and a subsequent year of residency in Toowoomba, became a full time Medical Officer for the Royal Australian Army. 

His initial posting was to the 1st Armoured Regiment at Puckapunyal at the end of 1990 and was subsequently posted to ASC UNTAC for service in Cambodia from early 1992 until April 1993. Following his return from Cambodia he was promoted to Major and Commanded the Camp Hospital at Puckapunyal until he realized that he was becoming an administrator and the excitement of clinical medicine was not in his military future. 

He was accepted into the RANZCOG training programme at Monash Medical Centre in 1994 and he spent time in Chelmsford, England and Wangaratta during his training. He has subsequently completed training, although it took a little longer due to his continuing dalliances with Commanding an Army Reserve Unit. He has not yet resigned his Commission from the Royal Australian Army, although his current work commitments and his age will most likely preclude any return to effective service. 

He now has a very busy private obstetric practice and tries to find time to squeeze in some gynaecology as well. He is an old fashioned regional generalist and tries to maintain currency in his practice, although could never be considered an early adopter of fads and expensive medical technologies. He certainly doesn’t profess to be a specialist in anything. 

He is active in the administration and lecturing of medical students through Monash University. 

He is also the Director of Medical Services at SJGBH.

About US

Mission Statement

Dr Peter Roessler and his staff are committed to achieving excellence in women's health through the core values of professional competence in all facets of health care delivery, unwavering attention to patient dignity and sensitivity, and the maintenance of the highest standards of personal integrity.

We endeavour to meet the physical, emotional and educational needs of all those who seek services with the expectation that such empowerment will assist them in making informed decisions about their healthcare and life-long wellness.

The Staff

OBGYN                        Dr Peter Roessler

Reception                    Di Ratcliffe

                                           Margaret Riley

Midwives                     Tania Martin

                                           Chloe Doherty

                                           Maree Conway

Practice Manager   Di Ratcliffe



Reception staff are available to answer general enquiries, make appointments and discuss fees during business hours. If you have a question for DR Roessler that cannot wait until your next appointment, please call the staff and if they are unable to answer it they will leave a message with him.

If you feel you need an urgent opinion or care after hours, Dr Roessler is contactable by phoning St John of God Bendigo Hospital on 03 5434 3422. The midwives will give you guidance about simple matters, advise you when it is time to come to hospital or may suggest you attend Accident and Emergency at Bendigo Health. If your doctor is not available, one of the doctors in the covering roster will attend to your concern.


0900 – 1700 Monday – Friday


PLEASE CALL 03 5441 7888

Initial Visit
This visit usually takes at least 30 minutes during which you will be questioned regarding your problem and medical history, a gynaecological examination will be performed and relevant tests (e.g. Pap Smear) are ordered. A plan will be made and options will be discussed with you.

Subsequent Visit
Most patients will require a second visit. This visit usually takes 15 minutes and reviews any test results and assess the outcomes of any treatment that was undertaken.

This visit usually takes 30 minutes and involves a detailed inspection of the cervix with a special telescope. It may also be necessary to take a small biopsy (piece of tissue) at the time and this will be explained to you if required.

Antenatal Visit
This visit takes around 15 minutes and includes an examination of the pregnancy and testing of blood pressure and urine. At times an informal ultrasound examination will be undertaken. Any planning is discussed and implemented.

Lactation Support
This individual service can only be offered during business hours (although most people feel as though it is necessary at all other times) by one of the qualified midwives who can help with feeding and settling issues.

IUCD Insertion
This visit takes around 30 minutes and is never done as part of an initial consultation. Whilst it is an unpleasant procedure, most women prefer to have it done without an anaesthetic, and although we recommend having someone to drive you home afterwards, this is not essential.

Antenatal Education
This personalised visit takes around 60 minutes and is conducted by one of the qualified midwives. Whilst it is aimed primarily at women having their first baby, all women may use this service to clarify any issues. Support crew are encouraged to attend.

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